Page 5 - Winter Hill Bank Annual Report 2020
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        Winter Hill Bank’s CEO, Sandra McGoldrick is
        pleased to announce the appointment of Mr.
        Anthony Ciccariello to its Board of Directors. She
        stated “Mr. Ciccariello is our newest Board Member
        and he embodies the spirit of the communities
        that we serve. He will bring his talent and expertise
        in so many areas and we are fortunate to have him
        provide us with his skill and knowledge that is
        critical to Community Banking.”

        Mr. Ciccariello’s work and professional involvement
        spans decades and includes both public and
        private sector experience. In his role as former
        Headmaster at Somerville High School he
        demonstrated a lifelong commitment to
        community service through active engagement in
        so many endeavors that has continued to this day.
        Mr. Ciccariello stated “Community involvement has
        always been important to me and I understand the
        vital role that banks offer in our communities and I
        am delighted to bring my skills to further Winter
        Hill Bank’s success.” Mr. Ciccariello also spent time
        in municipal government and was responsible for
        the preparation, analysis and presentation of the
        City of Somerville’s Budget.

        Mr. Ciccariello holds a
        Masters of Education in
        Instructional Media from
        Boston State College and a
        B.S. Major in Political
        Science. “Winter Hill Bank is
        very fortunate to have him
        by our side as we continue
        to strengthen our local
        communities,” said Sandra
        McGoldrick Chief Executive
        Officer.                               Anthony Ciccariello
                                              Board Member
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